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Earthing Tai Chi Course One:

The Fundamentals of
Zhang San Feng Tai Chi 13 Shì

Course Details:


Title: The Fundamentals of Zhang San Feng Tai Chi 13 Shi

Suitable for All Levels.


Days and Times:

- The first Sunday of each month, from 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm


Course Structure:

Part 1 (April – July)

(Enrollment period ends April 4th)

- Total duration: 10 hours

- Each session lasts 2 1/2 hours

Part 2 (August – November)

(Enrollment period: July 19th – July 31st)

- Total duration: 10 hours

- Each session lasts 2 1/2 hours

Course Description

      "The Fundamentals of Zhang San Feng Tai Chi 13 Shì" course caters to students of all levels, particularly those who value a methodical approach and seek insight into the cultural and conceptual elements of traditional routines.


      Over 20 hours, the class emphasizes detailed instruction to bolster confidence for newcomers while allowing returning students to refine their skills and deepen their understanding of QiGong. As participants synchronize movements in natural surroundings, they grasp the significance of grounding, especially as the course is revisited by more students.


      For those eager to practice independently, the monthly "ZHANG SAN FENG TAI CHI 13 SHI REVIEW CLASS" offers a platform to review and hone techniques alongside peers. While experience-driven students may not feel the need to repeat the course, those committed to ongoing study are encouraged to accumulate at least 50 hours of training over two to three years, preparing them for advanced Earthing Tai Chi courses.


       Further details about the course, "Zhang San Feng Tai Chi 13 Shì," and the broader Program "Earthing Tai Chi," can be found by visiting the provided link.



Part 1 (April – July):

- $200 for new students

- $150 for returning students


Part 2 (August – November):

- $150 for all participants who have completed part 1


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      In order to foster a sense of community, each student is required to acquire a set of linen Tao Tai Chi outfits for $40, or individual pieces such as a top for $30 and pants for $15. However, if a student already possesses a Tao Tai Chi Studio outfit (either the top or bottom), they are not required to purchase additional clothing to participate in the class.


      (Note: These rates apply exclusively to students enrolling in the "Fundamentals of Zhang San Feng Tai Chi 13 Shi" course.)

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