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Earthing Tai Chi

Program Director: Jing Shuai

Tao Tai Chi Studio                        


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Introduction to “Earthing Tai Chi” 

     A program for busy individuals who seek to experience the ancient art of Tai Chi, while connecting with the natural energy of the earth. Our program offers a wide range of traditional bare hand, fan, and sword routines, specially designed for students with limited time.


     With "Earthing Tai Chi", whether one considers the concept, “接地气” in Tai Chi as earthing or grounding, students will experience the importance of the unity between oneself and nature.

Jing will guide the students through both outdoor and indoor sessions, where they can discover a sense of synergy with the earth and experience the many health benefits of this practice.


    Whether the students are beginners or experienced practitioners, "Earthing Tai Chi" offers an unique opportunity to reconnect with one’s body and mind and achieve a deeper level of harmony and balance. Join us the monthly sessions from March to October and start a journey towards a healthier, more fulfilling life. 


The Significance of The Program, Earthing Tai Chi

      The philosophy of Tai Chi emphasizes the integral connection between humans and nature. To achieve harmony and coexistence, one must maintain balance and strive for integral harmony by managing the relationship between oneself, nature, others, and society.

The program offers an opportunity for people to experience some of the ancient Tai Chi practices in an experiential or advanced way, within a limited time each year.

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