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Earthing Tai Chi Course Two:


Zhang San Feng Tai Chi 13 Shì

Review Class

Course Details:


Title: Zhang San Feng Tai Chi 13 Shì Review Class


For those interested in practicing Zhang San Feng Tai Chi 13 Shì independently.


Days and Times:

- The third Sunday of each month, 1-2:30 pm

  May 19th through October 20th 


 (Enrollment period: April 28 – May 16)


- Total duration: 9 hours

- Each workshop lasts 1 1/2 hours

Course Description

      The "Zhang San Feng Tai Chi 13 Shì Review Class" is designed for both new and returning students seeking to immerse themselves in or revisit the complete routine. Rooted in the foundational principles of the “Earthing Tai Chi,” project and a deep understanding of the fundamental framework of “Zhang San Feng Tai Chi 13 Shì," participants will experience the grounding influence of this project on their spirit, body, and mind during the sessions.


      Learning traditional routines is a gradual process that requires patience and dedication. Rather than rushing to master the routine quickly, participants are encouraged to embrace the leisurely pace of a "Tai Chi life." Whether amidst the vibrant spring, balmy summer, or crisp autumn days, exploring the secrets of Zhang San Feng's "13 potentials" for "prolonging life" offers a fresh and enriching experience.


      As time passes inexorably, each step forward becomes integral to the journey. While the sentiment of Lao Tzu's aphorism, "a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step," may differ slightly from the adage "mighty oaks from little acorns grow," the importance of taking that first step towards a goal remains paramount.


      This course fosters opportunities for students to optimize their learning experience by observing their classmates' movements and valuing the significance of communication—both with oneself and with others and nature.


       Throughout the course, we will delve into various concepts related to Zhang San Feng, exploring topics such as the distinctions between classical Taoism and religious Taoism, perspectives on vegetarianism from Lao Tzu different Taoist branches, and the relationship between Tao Te Ching and Taoism.



- $150 for all participants who have completed Part 1of “The Fundamentals of Zhang San Feng Tai Chi 13 Shì.”


In order to foster a sense of community, each student is required to acquire a set of linen Tao Tai Chi outfits for $40, or individual pieces such as a top for $30 and pants for $15. However, if a student already possesses a Tao Tai Chi Studio outfit (either the top or bottom), they are not required to purchase additional clothing to participate in the class.


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