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Weekly Small Group Practicing

Short-Term Commitment

each class one hour

Weekly classes are for students who seek a group setting in which students provide a sense of support for each other.

Course Content

The weekly classes will focus on practice and review, supplemented by new content. When the attendance rate of students is relatively high, we will teach new contents, but these are mainly short routines and basic fundamentals.


Plan 1 is for those who want to derive the most health benefits from their practice. Plans 2 and 3 are for those who want to experience Tai Chi without a weekly commitment. 


Plan 1: $100 for 4 classes (Valid for six weeks)

Plan 2: $60 for two classes (Valid for one month)

Plan 3: $50 for one class

This rate only applies to weekly one-hour programs.

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Group Class New Student
Attendance Plan Guideline

​​​​Attaining overall wellness from Tai Chi requires regular study and daily practice.  Students should practice a minimum of 30 minutes each day after taking a class. Only by studying constantly can you accumulate knowledge and realize the positive energy that Tai Chi brings to you. To sum up, we encourage every student to stick to attendance and practice as much as possible, even after you stop practicing for a month or even a year for various reasons.


Tao Tai Chi Studio treasures every one of our previous, current, and returning Tao Tai Chi students. Please feel free to contact us to reschedule your class if you decide to continue your study after a break. We will recognize your previous class hours if you are completing your 30 hours within one year or 60 hours within a two-year period. The longer you continue your regimen the less expensive your rate.

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