Tao Tai Chi Studio

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Small group class rates 

(Class size limited to 3 students)

New Student rates: 

$40 per person for 1 class.  $100 per person for 4 classes (8 weeks expiration)

Intermediate student rates: 

(Students who have completed 20 classes in one year) 

$100 per person for 6 classes (3 month expiration)

Intermediate 1 student rates: (Students who have completed more than 50 classes in two year) 

$60 per person for 4 classes (2 months expiration), $120 per person for 10 classes (5 month expiration)

Private class rates:

One on one $100/for an one hour class

$300/for 6 classes (A total of 6 hours)

Friends and Family class rates 
(Class size limited to 3 students)
For people who prefer to sign up for the same class with their friends or family

Two students $60/per student for a one hour class, $200/per student for 6 classes (A total of 6 hours)
Three students $50/per student for a one hour class, $200/per student for 8 classes (A total of 8 hours)

Make an appointment

Jing teaches a variety of forms and levels, each with a desired outcome, whether that be meditation, balance or fitness.  It is important to work with each of the students in order to determine the class which is right for them. 

There is no charge for an interview before you sign up for a class.  There are two methods to make an appointment:

1. Contact Jing to schedule an online meeting, please click on Appointment Request From.

2. You can contact Jing at, text her at 845-214-8579, or send a message to her Facebook page Tao Tai Chi. if you have any questions regarding Tai Chi.