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Bi-Weekly Practicing 

Long-Term Commitment each class one hour


This class is for those who already understand the basic fundamentals and are ready to challenge themselves to experience the structure of kung fu. The first part of this semi-monthly course is from February to May, and the second is from July to October.  Students can choose to participate in one part or all. The focus of the course is to experience the basic training and foundation of traditional kung fu rather than just routines. 

Course Title: Seeking Balance (Yin Yang)

Time: 1st and 3rd Tuesday, 6 - 7 pm 

Part 1  (Feb – May)

​ - Total duration: 8 hours

- Each session lasts 1 hour

(Enrollment period: Jan 10th – Jan 31st, 2024)

Part 2  (June – September)

​ - Total duration: 8 hours

- Each session lasts 1 hour

(Enrollment period: May 13th – June 2nd)

Course Description

Tai Chi is a traditional martial art that integrates philosophy, Taoism, and the art of maintaining fitness and wellness. Tao Chi’s roots are based on ancient works such as the Tao Te Ching which embodies the essence of Chinese culture.

This course is an indispensable part of kung fu training and is suitable for students with basic skills. Those participants who complete 16 hours of training will gain a basic understanding of classical training.


Part 1 for $200

Promotion Rate: $ 150

(Offer Ends before Jan 31st, 2024) 

8 hour training

(Feb – May)

Part 2 for $200

Promotion Rate: $ 120

(Offer Ends before June 2, 2024) 

8 hour training

(June – September)

In order to foster a sense of community, each student is required to acquired a set of  linen Tai Chi outfits for $40, or individual pieces such as a top for $30 and pants for $15.


 However, if a student already possesses a Tao Tai Chi Studio outfit (either the top or bottom), they are not required to purchase additional clothing to  participate in the class.  

(Note: These rate apply exclusively to students enrolling in the "Seeking Balance" course)

Textbook: (Optional)

 “Cheng Tzu's Thirteen Treatises on T'ai Chi Ch'uan     

by Cheng Man Ch'Ing

Here is the link you can find it:

Cheng Tzu's Thirteen Treatises on T'ai Chi Ch'uan: Man-ch'ing, Cheng, Lo, Benjamin Pang Jeng, Inn, Martin: 9781583942208: Books

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