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Jing Shuai and her Art of Tao

Jing Shuai, is a 16th generation protégé to the ancient Chinese Wu Dang San Feng martial arts lineage.  Jing's master Chen Shi Xing is a successor of the Wudang San Feng School and founded the Wu Dang Kung Fu Academy in China.  Jing is also a Tai Chi instructor certified by the Mainland China Martial Arts Association.   Born in Szechuan, China, she was deeply influenced by the Chinese traditional fine arts and the quintessence of a five-thousand-year old Chinese culture.  In her youth she was classically trained in the arts, including traditional Chinese painting.  Recently she has been impressed by creative and diverse Western art forms.

In 2017 and 2019, Jing Shuai had her first two “Art of Tao" art shows at Roost Studio. 

The “Art of Tao” is her newest exploration, based on her Tai Chi philosophy.  Tai Chi is connected to the Taoist philosophy and the concepts presented in the Chinese book of wisdom, the Tao Te Ching and the I Ching.  As a follower of Lao Tzu, author of Tao Te Ching, Jing believes that harmony and balance are immortal and elegant evidence that the individual and their spirit should be in harmony with society and with nature.  She believes that art is a method to embody our soul, thoughts, and energy, and it is also a way to communicate.  Based on Jing’s daily practice, she enjoys interpreting the art of Tao through a variety of art forms.  Jing views the practice of Tai Chi as a pathway to strengthen both body and mind.

The quintessence of the Tai Chi philosophy is that of seeking simplicity through the laws of nature, which guides her teaching and creative aesthetic.  She hopes to bring wellness to her students through Tai Chi and to share its cultural origins.

Jing Shuai's Original Artwork on Traditional Chinese Silk Fans

You can find some of these painted fans at Roost Studio.  If you are interested in painting your own fan, please take a look at project Fan Your Talents

Jing Shuai's Original Artwork on cherry wood

Tao Te Ching quote chapter 42 in Chinese seal script

Past Events

Jing Shuai's Art of Tao  
April 4 - 28, 2019

 Art of Tao   August 3 - 27, 2017

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