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About Jing Shuai,

The quintessence of Tai Chi philosophy is that of seeking simplicity through the laws of nature, guides my teaching and my creative aesthetic.  I hope to bring wellness to my students through Tai Chi and to share its cultural origins.

Born in Szechuan, China, I was deeply influenced by the Chinese traditional fine arts and the quintessence of a five-thousand-year old Chinese culture.   

Since 2005, I have traveled extensively in China researching, practicing Tai Chi and its associated philosophy.  I received my prestigious professional certifications and certificates of honor after studying for many years at a number of martial art schools and ancient Taoist monasteries in China.

My training took place under the guidance of numerous renowned and respected Tai Chi masters in mainland China.  I also studied Chinese Martial Art Grade Regulations and received my Grade Examiner certification in 2012 from the Chinese Martial Art Association for Yang Style Tai Chi.

I believe that harmony and balance are immortal and elegant evidence that the individual and spirit are in harmony with society and nature.  

Based on my daily practice, I enjoy interpreting the art of Tao through a variety of art forms.   I view the practice of Tai Chi as a pathway to strengthen both body and mind.  

- Jing Shuai

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巫娜 (一叶一菩提)