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To New Students 

To Current and Returning Students

Through several years of teaching experience with small classes, we have learned that as long as students don't give up, they will gradually develop good habits that will benefit their overall wellness. Whether you are a current or a returning student, we will help you find a plan that suits your needs.

Motivation Gets You Started, and Habit Helps You to Continue.


Find the motivation to gradually make your study and daily exercise a routine.  Your instructor will help you to design a plan for you. If inclement weather, vacations, or life’s unpredictable surprises stops your Tai Chi practice, feel free to message the teacher when you want to return to class.

Consider Each Commitment as a Social Contract

Making a practical plan will help you make positive progress, but fulfilling each commitment with the spirit of social contracts will help you to gain the essence of Tai Chi, the inspiring spirit of Taoist martial arts, and the secrets of improving wellness handed down from generation to generation. When you gradually get more extraordinary insight into your mind and body, others, and nature through this art, your perseverance has also positively influenced others.

Personalize Your In-Person Tai Chi Class


Here are the most popular learning plans. Our personalized packages fit students who prefer face-to-face small group or a one-on-one learning.

Private Class

Suitable for all New Students and students who expect the teacher to provide the flexibility to tailor lessons. 

Weekly Small Group Practicing

Short-Term Commitment each class one hour


Small Group Practicing 

Long-Term Commitment

each class one hour

Earthing Tai Chi

Monthly Group Learning Class

Only available from

March to November

Earthing Tai Chi

Monthly Group Review Class

Only available from

March to November

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